4 Traits of Self-Made Millionaires like Helga Arminak


No matter what your current state-of-wallet is, you can still dream big and become financially free of worries.

The old adage rings true- there’s no shortcut to success. But if you’re one person with big dreams and serious about achieving them, you can always start by changing your attitude towards life and money. You’d be surprised how easy it is to become a rich man or woman once you already got the right traits and use them in the right ways. Self-made millionaires like Helga Arminak don’t become successful overnight, but if you want to journey on the same path and boost your chances for financial freedom, then you’re journey is going to be a lot easier once you molded and conditioned your own spirit to be a success.

No, if you’re up to being a millionaire, you don’t have to do a soul-crushing, penny-pinching money diet, or even enroll in business related courses like accounting (though it might help). The key is not in the complicated topic of avoiding college or credit card debt or depriving yourself of the good stuff in life. The thing is actually fairly simple if you want to get rich- just develop the right habits and tune into the right culture.

As interesting as it sounds, most wealthy people like Helga Arminak don’t actually start fancying thousand-dollar suits and dresses, limousines, and mansions like an average middleclass person do. And in this case, there are many other characteristics millionaires have in excess that the average salary man takes for granted. Want to learn them? Here are the big four traits and their contributions to achieving financial success:

Strength of Will

You’ll find a person with a mighty will when everybody is fearful while he is testing the waters. There’s something unique about a person who will go through great lengths- even row against the current- when he decided where to go. It sounds cliché, but only a few people actually have the grit to follow their own plans and not just drift where the tide brings them. In case of Helga Arminak, she first came as a penniless war refuge, but decided it’s not her destiny so she worked it out for years, slowly climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom until she can establish her own. It seems like an overnight success to anyone, but once you tried trotting the same path, you’ll discover that it takes a lot of guts to stick through a pile of responsibilities day in and day out before you finally make a career out of it. So before you aspire to become a wealthy person, train yourself to have the strength of will when everyone and every circumstance seems to discourage you from going all the way.

Long Term Vision

We can’t emphasize this enough, but nothing just beats a person with a clear vision in his mind and a very particular plan on how to get there. Sure, some of your best friends might have plans not more long-winding than spending the next holiday on a beach, or buying those pink stilettos for the next paycheck, but do you have to do the same? Mind you, there are so many friends and families out there who will tell you to enjoy life more, but before you believe that you’re being a scrooge to yourself, ask: am I depriving myself of happiness, or am I just saving up for better things? Like what Helga Arminak has experienced, you’ll find out that takes a lot of sacrifice to say no to temporary extravagance for the sake of making your long term plans come true. But guess, it pays off big time.

Having a long term vision doesn’t only boost your chance of being financially free by giving a solid plan to stick to, it also gives you a motivation to tread through your work, to keep being inspired, and to creating healthy habits when it comes to personal finance. It’s the difference between daydreaming and actually reaching for your stars. Having a long term game plan will help you make things happen, while others are still gazing at the stars in a wide-eyed stupor.

Taking the Extra Mile

Ah, that extra mile is probably the determining factor on whether you will be an exceptional success or not. Remember: if you keep your career at bay and get comfortable at getting the same paycheck every month, you won’t end up being a notable person. Exceptional people actually put a lot of extra effort into their craft. Even the ballerinas and performers you see on stage have practiced rigorously before people marveled at their show. Imagine a success like Helga Arminak as the tip of an iceberg- people will only see the days of glory, but they won’t actually imagine the enormous amount of time and sweat spent so that the success break through to a height where others can see it.